“FZD focuses heavily on the importance of fundamental skills and the proper ways to develop design abilities.”
FZD Alumni
More than 90% of our graduates are working in the entertainment design industry.
Marcel Wissel
Concept Artist
Chen Liang
Freelance Concept Artist
Shi Shengxuan Elle
Visual Development Artist
John Liew
Concept Artist
Natasha Tan
Concept Artist
Kyle Enochs
Concept Artist
Joyce Xu
Concept Artist
Brenda Bae
Concept Artist
Zhuosi Xu
Concept Artist

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Start learning Concept Design today.

1 year of focused learning
Develop fundamental, design thinking and presentation skills that transform students into elite designers.

Term 01

Discovering the Importance of Fundamentals

Use perspective, lighting, anatomy, materials and forms to visually communicate designs. Understanding how to draw objects in three-dimensional space.

Term 02

Expanding Visual Library

Extract design languages by exploring history, culture and the nature world. Generate new ideas based on the realities around us.

Term 03

Developing Story Driven Portfolio

Leverage knowledge from the previous terms to develop fresh and marketable designs. Graduate with a solid and industry-ready portfolio.

Life at FZD

Welcome to the FZD School of Design, centrally located in the heart of downtown Singapore. Founded in 2009, our aim is to provide a world class education for conceptual design.

Our unique 1 Year Diploma Program is focused on the core fundamentals of drawing and design. Students will graduate with a Diploma in Industrial Design and a vast array of professional skills.

Our intense pipeline has transformed hundreds of students into industry professionals. Graduate with a portfolio that is ready for job-hunting in a competitive market.