Class Project


The Voyage is a new term 2 assignment at FZD. Inspired by the grand adventures from the early 1900s and movies such as Disney’s Atlantis and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this exercise teaches our students to research, design and set dress within irregular spaces. Unlike traditional dwellings, rooms inside vehicles usually have angled or curved walls, non-standard windows and industrial structures. Combining all these elements together while maintaining an entertainment value is the challenge. More importantly, the set dressing in the cabin must visually convey the occupation of the tenant. The correct details matter. 

For our students, these types of assignments are important stepping stones for learning design thinking. 


Below are instructor notes and examples.

Work in progress of 3D models and presentation layout.  

Here are camera checks at 2.35:1 film ratio, to ensure proper proportions and form compositions.     


If you are looking for a portfolio idea, give this design challenge a try.