Line Art Fundamentals

By Feng Zhu 


At FZD, we strongly believe in the importance of line drawings. Before enrolling, many students have never drawn much before. Instead, they dabble in badly produced digital paintings and photo-bashing - a trend that has increased dramatically in the past 5 years (read my previous blog about “don’t rush into digital paintings”).  

Drawing starts on day 1 of our one year training program. By term 3, roughly 8 months into the program, most students are able to produce detailed drawings with proper proportions, line-weight, perspective, lighting and composition. More importantly, these drawings contain designed content

Having these skills will lead to a much easier transition into advanced techniques such as digital painting. 

Here are some great examples of beautiful line drawings by our current term 3 students. Hard work does pay off.


Term 3 Project Part 1

Term 3 Project Part 2