FZD School of Design Facilities 2009 - 2019


For the 10th year anniversary of the school, we have once again upgraded and rebuilt our facilities from scratch. We took design inspirations from cafes, game development studios and design houses. The goal is to provide a comfortable and inspiring environment for our students and staff. Please scroll down further to see all the previous FZD locations.

FZD IN 2015

With two huge floors, we had plenty of space for an open presentation gallery and three classrooms downstairs. On the upper floor, we built a large student lounge. 


FZD IN 2012

This is still one of our favourite locations loved by both students and staff. Located in a classic historic Singapore shop-house, this building was full of character. We rebuilt the space completely from inside out and chose a classic style to go with the historic setting. 

FZD IN 2009

This is where it all started. In the three years here, we streamlined our teaching pipeline and spearheaded the importance of fundamentals in design. 


Hope you enjoyed this brief trip down memory lane.