Q. How do I apply?

A. Applicants may register online, or visit us in person at 58 Kim Yam Road #04-01, Singapore 239359. Upon registration, we will send you a confirmation email along with additional instructions. There will also be a portfolio submission, entry tests and interview session as a part of the admissions process.

Q. What are the English requirements for the full-time Diploma program?

A. If English is your second language, you may be required to submit the test score for one of the following:
1. SAT 1 (minimum score of 1000; 500/500)
2. GCSE (minimum grade of C)
3. TOEFL (minimum score of 500 paper-based, 173 computer-based, 61 internet-based)
4. IELTS (minimum score of Band 5.0)
5. LaTIS (minimum grade of D)

Q. What should I include in the entrance portfolio?

A. The goal of the entrance portfolio is to show your interest in design. This can be in the form of sketches, drawings, written ideas, notes, etc. Quality is not the key focus at this point. FZD School of Design admissions department is looking for your problem solving abilities. It helps to have some drawing capabilities, but that is not a guarantee for success in the design industry.

Q. What level of skill does FZD admission expects an applicant to be?

A. In general FZD admission will focus more on the applicant’s interest in the entertainment industry versus the drawing skills. However having some knowledge and experience in drawing will benefit those who enroll in our program.

Q. What if I can’t draw at all?

A. Having a strong drawing background definitely helps, but it is not an entrance requirement at our school. We’ve had students who didn’t draw much at all before enrolling at FZD, but graduated with high-quality portfolios. 

Q. Does the School offer any scholarship program or financial assistance?

A. Currently we do not have any scholarship or financial schemes available for international students. The SSG grant is only applicable to Singaporeans or PRs. We recommend for those with financial needs to seek personal or educational loan.

Q. Do you offer online courses?

A. All courses offered at FZD School of Design are conducted on campus. Our studio environment focuses on direct interaction between FZD Art Directors and students. This close mentorship can only be achieved in a live setting. And thus, we do not offer any online courses.  However, you can watch free online tutorials provided by FZD right here

Q. How long does the application process take for international students?

A. Upon receiving your application and required documents, we will schedule an interview between you and the Academic Department. It usually takes 4 weeks to process the outcome. 

Q. Does the School provide accommodation for the students?

A. FZD does not provide any housing or boarding facilities. However, you may find out more about studying and living in Singapore from here.

Q. How much is the living expenses in Singapore?

A. Depending on your lifestyle and the area you stay, the living expenses in Singapore is estimated to be S$1,000 - S$1,500 per month (for rental, daily expenses, travel, and necessities). Please note this estimated amount is based on the rental outside the town area.  You may visit the following websites for additional information:

The Singapore Economic Development Board

Q. How well are the FZD graduates doing in terms of job placement?

A. It will depend on how well the student performs in our program. In addition to a good portfolio, one needs great work ethics and professionalism to secure a job in the entertainment design industry. As of 2020, 90% of FZD’s graduates have secured jobs within the design industry. Some of our grads are working with top-tier studios around the world.

Q. I heard your program is really tough. Is it really?

A. Yes! Our 1 year Diploma program is very intense and not meant for everyone. You must be 100% committed and willing to work extremely hard with long hours day in and day out.

Students who put in a lot of effort can see results in just a few weeks.

Q. What qualification will I attain upon graduation from FZD School of Design?

A. Students graduating from our 1 year program will receive a Diploma in Industrial Design certificate. All our programs are registered with Committee for Private Education (CPE). Nevertheless, do keep in mind that the most important qualification in our industry is your portfolio. Without it, no resumes, diplomas, degrees, etc. would even matter.

Q. Where is the FZD School of Design located?

A. Our school is located at 58 Kim Yam Road #04-01, Singapore 239359, and we are in the city. Nearest metro station – Clarke Quay or Somerset is about 15 mins walk to our school. Or you may take the bus as there are many stops in the surrounding area.

Q. Does the School assist the students in finding jobs upon graduation?

A. Once you are a FZD student, you will always be part of our family. Our assistance to you does not simply end upon graduation but will continue throughout your career. We provide all FZD Alumni with up-to-date industry job openings and information when relevant.

If you still have further questions, please feel free to drop us an email at contact@fzdschool.com

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