FZD Alumni
FZD graduates are designing the games and films of tomorrow
“More than 90% of our graduates are working in the entertainment design industry.”

For the past nine years, hundreds of students have passed through our program and made their way into the entertainment design industry.

Many of our Alumni are now working with top tier studios and high profiled intellectual properties from around the world. We are proud of their many accomplishments and honored to have helped them achieve their dreams.

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Are you planning to pursue a career as a concept artist in the video games and films industry? Please browse through our program and decide if FZD is the right place for you.

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Benjamin Parker
Concept Artist
Alex Jessup
Concept Artist
Greg Westphal
Concept Artist
Jon Cameron Li
Concept Artist
Marc-Ross Michaud
Concept Artist
Brenda Bae
Concept Artist
Cmy Cai
Freelance Concept Artist
Zhuosi Xu
Concept Artist
Elle Shengxuan Shi
Concept Artist
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